Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June!! Camps and Play!

We did so much fun stuff this month.. but instead of documenting each individual thing, I decided to just do a June picture overload!  Most of the pictures are self explanitory.  This summer, I decided we'd do a camp every day.  When I get home from the gym at 8:00, the kids finish up their breakfast and we head out back to pull a bucket of weeds, then do a sport camp!  Each day is a new thing:  basketball, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, endurance.  It's been alot of fun!  Brooklyn and Kendyl love it the most. We start off by running laps and they always do FAR more than I ask them to do.  Awesome.  Hopefully they're learning something and won't hate me in the end!  But look!!  We're obviously doing alot of other awesome stuff!

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