Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nic is more fun than me..


My mother and my Mother's Mother. Cute little ladies on Mother's Day :)

Baby Boy turns 2!

Nixon Buddy.  My itty bitty little 2 year old who spends his life putting a smile on my face.  He had such a wonderful little birthday.  He was excited from the moment he woke up and saw his "Happy Birthday" banner hanging from the wall.  While we made his sweet soccer ball cake, he kept saying, "Happy Birthday to You.  Sing it!".  He thought he was funny taking big fake bites of it all day :)  Once his guests arrived he was as happy as ever.  He laughed when we sang to him and had a blast opening his presents.  This boy is loved so much.
Weight: 24 lbs. 6oz. (10%)
Height: 32 1/4 (5%)
Head: 19 3/4 (80%)

Here are a few things that make Nixon special.
*He calls Kendyl, "Kona" and Brooklyn, "Beaner"
*He has the BEST laugh....and he even has a great fake laugh that's really funny!
*EVERY morning he scoots his cereal over to me and sits on my lap for breakfast.  "Sit on Mommy".  I love it.
*He blows his nose like a champ and always makes sure he throws his trash away.
*He's extremely concerned about his food being too hot. "It's hot!"  Everything gets blowed on :)
*He loves outings and getting in his car seat.
*He's obsessed with Keystone, the neighbor's dog who peeps his nose under the fence all day.  Nixon usually feeds Keystone his dinner.
*He gets a boppy every morning and night and HAS to get comfy in order to drink it.  It's usually propping himself on some pillows on the couch with a blanket over his lap.
*He always sleeps with his 2 nigh nights and always requests that I sing him a song, which is always, "I am a Child of God".

Happiest bits of May

I have happy kids, and I'm grateful for that.  Here are some of the things that made them happy this month. *Tooty Bums *Cousin sleepover *Ms. Easton's wedding reception *McDonalds in the treehouse *Boating

Patio Stuff

Dear Nic,
Thanks for building us a new deck that doesn't put splinters through our feet.  It's comforting to know that this deck isn't about to crumble to the ground like our last one.  You busted this out in just a few days and even whipped together a picnic table for the kiddos.  We are lucky to have such a handy man around the house!  And we know you love your "deck-warming" gift.  Your new grill has probably been used every day since we've had it.  You're awesome!

The Opera

Each 1st grade class at Legacy Prep gets to write,practice and perform a 15 minute opera each year.  Camryn and Brooklyn's class wrote an opera entitled, "The Volcano".  There were fairies (Brooklyn and 8 other girls), explorers (Camryn and 6 boys and 1 girl), and monsters (8 boys, 2 girls).  They've been practicing for months and months.  I went to the school a couple weeks ago to help paint scenery.  The kids had so much fun and were singing the whole time :)  The actual performance was last week.  The kids did a fantastic job.  They sang each song loud and clear and it was actually a pretty funny opera :)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE C and B's school and I'm so proud of them for all they've learned this year.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Big Music Recital

After 3 1/2 months worth of lessons, Camryn and Brooklyn had their first violin/piano recital!  Camryn's teacher holds a special, private recital for each of her students when they pass off  "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in 6 different rhythms.  We asked if Brooklyn could perform a couple songs on the piano as well since she's Mom's only student :)  Oh man they were good.  Camryn even surprised her teacher with another song that she had learned that week just by listening to it on her CD.  These girls definitely have a good ear and are FLYING through their books.  It's fun to see them so excited about music.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kendyl...and Nixon's Fieldtrips

I just get a kick out of Nixon jumping into all the field trip pictures!  Haha- notice him in the group shots :)  He's such a little stud.  And little Kendyl babe, love her.

April Recap

April was a fun, busy month.  Papa came for a visit and played with the kids.  We celebrated his, Tanner's and my birthday while he was here.  Yes, I mentioned my birthday.  I'm officially 30- but as long as I feel like I'm still in my 20's, I'm fine with it ;)  We've been fortunate enough to have some good weather here and there during the month.  We were also CURSED to have some nasty, freezing storms!  Typical Utah weather.  Kendyl healed from her surgery like a CHAMP!  Never a complaint from her mouth- it was like nothing ever happened!  Amazing, that girl.  The kids have spent a lot of time outside lately.  The tramp is probably their favorite thing- Nixon could jump all day if we let him, and the kid can JUMP!  I love this time of year.  My house stays so much cleaner! ;)  We go on lots of walks together and I miss that during the winter.  We even got a new electric Razor scooter to ride around the neighborhood- maybe my new favorite toy!  We've definitely played hard lately, but trust me, we work hard too!  The yard has been weeded, pruned, mowed and planted and now Nic is busy building us a nice deck!  Our last one was awful and definitely a hazard.  I can't wait for Summer to get here so we can just play outside every day!  And as strange as it sounds, I'm excited to have all my kids home each day.  They get along so well and just take care of eachother.  They put a smile on my face almost always : )...when they're not tracking sand through the kitchen!

The Dragons

Spring soccer is in full swing!  I'm the coach once again and my girls better appreciate it! ;)  Sadly, we're still the team that gets completely killed every game :(  I will say though, we've had a few practices and there has been some improvement!  This particular game was rainy and COLD!  Papa was there to take some great pictures.  Camryn and Brooklyn do their best and seem to have fun.  I guess that's all the matters...but a win would be pretty sweet ;)

Camryn- The Toothless Wonder

Camryn HATES wiggling her teeth.  In fact, she asks me to do it for her (if they absolutely MUST come out).  Well in this case, they were VERY ready to come out.  I wiggled 2 out on Sunday morning....she tried to be tough, but was teary the whole time.  I wiggled the other front tooth out on Tuesday- she was much tougher this time.  She looks pretty dang cute with no teeth.  Hard to believe she's this old!  Brooklyn is now determined to get her front teeth out :)
Yep, she asked the Tooth Fairy for paper money instead of gold coins :)