Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Baby Boy turns 2!

Nixon Buddy.  My itty bitty little 2 year old who spends his life putting a smile on my face.  He had such a wonderful little birthday.  He was excited from the moment he woke up and saw his "Happy Birthday" banner hanging from the wall.  While we made his sweet soccer ball cake, he kept saying, "Happy Birthday to You.  Sing it!".  He thought he was funny taking big fake bites of it all day :)  Once his guests arrived he was as happy as ever.  He laughed when we sang to him and had a blast opening his presents.  This boy is loved so much.
Weight: 24 lbs. 6oz. (10%)
Height: 32 1/4 (5%)
Head: 19 3/4 (80%)

Here are a few things that make Nixon special.
*He calls Kendyl, "Kona" and Brooklyn, "Beaner"
*He has the BEST laugh....and he even has a great fake laugh that's really funny!
*EVERY morning he scoots his cereal over to me and sits on my lap for breakfast.  "Sit on Mommy".  I love it.
*He blows his nose like a champ and always makes sure he throws his trash away.
*He's extremely concerned about his food being too hot. "It's hot!"  Everything gets blowed on :)
*He loves outings and getting in his car seat.
*He's obsessed with Keystone, the neighbor's dog who peeps his nose under the fence all day.  Nixon usually feeds Keystone his dinner.
*He gets a boppy every morning and night and HAS to get comfy in order to drink it.  It's usually propping himself on some pillows on the couch with a blanket over his lap.
*He always sleeps with his 2 nigh nights and always requests that I sing him a song, which is always, "I am a Child of God".

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Natalie Smith said...

He is the cutest! Happy birthday sweet boy.