Friday, May 3, 2013

April Recap

April was a fun, busy month.  Papa came for a visit and played with the kids.  We celebrated his, Tanner's and my birthday while he was here.  Yes, I mentioned my birthday.  I'm officially 30- but as long as I feel like I'm still in my 20's, I'm fine with it ;)  We've been fortunate enough to have some good weather here and there during the month.  We were also CURSED to have some nasty, freezing storms!  Typical Utah weather.  Kendyl healed from her surgery like a CHAMP!  Never a complaint from her mouth- it was like nothing ever happened!  Amazing, that girl.  The kids have spent a lot of time outside lately.  The tramp is probably their favorite thing- Nixon could jump all day if we let him, and the kid can JUMP!  I love this time of year.  My house stays so much cleaner! ;)  We go on lots of walks together and I miss that during the winter.  We even got a new electric Razor scooter to ride around the neighborhood- maybe my new favorite toy!  We've definitely played hard lately, but trust me, we work hard too!  The yard has been weeded, pruned, mowed and planted and now Nic is busy building us a nice deck!  Our last one was awful and definitely a hazard.  I can't wait for Summer to get here so we can just play outside every day!  And as strange as it sounds, I'm excited to have all my kids home each day.  They get along so well and just take care of eachother.  They put a smile on my face almost always : )...when they're not tracking sand through the kitchen!

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