Thursday, April 30, 2015


Its been perfect spring weather and we've had a blast playing outside.  Our neighbors are so nice to let the kids ride the horses and ponies.  Kayla is the best.  We've loved having a hot tub.  Might as well be a pool for these kiddos, it's pretty big!  The chickens are now big enough to live in their coop that Nic built them.  I love looking out my window in the morning and seeing the kids in the beautiful yard playing with their chickens.  My happy place.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nixon's Life Plan

Nixon wants to be a dad when he grows up.  Of course, when you have the coolest dad ever, that just makes sense.  In his Preschool end of year program, his teacher was announcing what all the kids wanted to be when they grow up.  Astronaut, Ninja Turtle, Princess....those were the common answers.  But not my Nixter.  He wants to be a Dad.  He wants to marry Kendyl, have 10 children, 5 girls named Kendyl and 5 boys named Nixon.  He tells me stories on a regular basis about how he's going to parent his 10 rambunctious children.  It's hilarious. I love, love, love every moment of Nixon's life.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tanner & Yo's Wedding

Tanner and Yo were married on April 25th.  She is a cute girl from California that returned from a mission to Spain last Summer.  She and Tanner were friends long before that.  Such a happy little couple :)   We're excited to add another sister to the Clark family!  The weather was beautiful at the temple and then took a turn for the worse that evening.  The reception was in Ashley's backyard and it was STORMY!  Typical.  Luckily there were tents, a donut truck, a fire pit, and lots of fun people that made the most of it despite the weather.  It ended up being a fun reception and a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kendyl's DISCOVERY fieldtrip

These poor kindergartners.  They've been SO excited for their fieldtrip and the busdriver was an hour late picking them up to take them there.  Their time at Discovery was cut down drastically and they were racing from station to station trying to see it all before they had to go back to the school. Well, we made the most of it and managed to have fun.  We actually stayed at Gateway afterwards and had some lunch....and I threw my phone in the garbage and had to go in the back kitchen of the foodcourt and sift through the trash until I finally found it!  Nightmare.   Anyway, Kendyl and the boys were fun to have with me for the day :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Nothing like baby chicks at Easter!  We enjoyed the Barton Creek egg hunt and I know Grandma just loves to have the kids come over.  They really love visiting her, too.  Camryn planned an Easter party in her bedroom for the littles.  Perhaps one of her favorite things to do.  We also had our Easter party with the Clarks.  And guess who popped out of nowhere and brought a pinata with him during our egg hunt??  The Easter Bunny..Were a few tears shed?  Of course.  But it was awesome.  Happy EAster!