Sunday, January 30, 2011


Holly's friend's brother-in-law (follow that?)owns a club at Sundance called Chefdance. We managed to get ahold of some tickets to dinner last week. There's a new chef every night and we got to go on the night Mr. Chow was there! It was a 5 course meal...with every course being miniscule. But it was yummy and pretty interesting to be there.
The paparazzi were all over us on the red carpet ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Kendyl is personality PLUS. She is a spunky little 2 year old who's always on the move. I have a list of ladies in my ward who have all threatened to kidnap this little bean. You can't help but fall in love with her sweet little smile and animated responses to everything you could ever ask her. Talking has always come easily to Kendyl and she's been using full sentences for a while now. She copies alot of what she hears and it's hilarious when she uses some adult phrases.

Kendyl eats dinner if we spoon feed her. But if it were up to her, she'd live on fruit snacks and chocolate milk. She asks for these 2 staples all day long. "I want chocolate." She actually knows where they are in the cupboard and brings them to me. Sometimes it's easier to give in than always say no. As far as fruit snacks go, she's been limited to 2 packs a day ;) She's had a sweet tooth since birth. Most likely her mother's fault. She's sacrificed her life numerous times by stacking chairs and stools to climb up to the treat cupboard.

Kendyl is so much fun to get out of her crib in the morning. She is just a happy spirited little girl and always pops up with a smile when we walk into her room. "I'm awake!!" She tells us that each time while gathering every toy and blanket so she can take them with her. Her current favorite bedtime toys are her Carebear from Build-A-Bear, her Bulldog Webkinz that she calls "pooping moose" (his little brown nub tail may be confused with something else I guess.), her Glow Worm, and 3 soft blankets that she's had forever.

Kendyl is a pretty tough little girl, but has definitely had her fair share of owies...poor thing. She was getting the majority of them on her face a couple months ago, but last month she decided to stick with fingers. Smashing them, burning them and cutting them. She NEVER forgets where her owies are and enjoys getting sympathy for them long after they've healed. We've been through a decent amount of Band Aids.

Kendyl is NOT one to be left out. She fits in with the older girls perfectly. She wants to play whatever they're playing. She even has to "Choose my outfit", just like Camryn and Brooklyn (not cool). She gets into her closet and changes her clothes a dozen times a day. This is probably in part due to the fact that she's wearing panties and she's learned that she gets to pull her pants off every time she uses the toilet. Yes, she's convinced that you have to be fully naked whenever you go to the bathroom. I won't complain though, I'd rather deal with that and have her potty trained than go through the potty training nightmare. Kendyl spends much of her day streaking throughout the house. I can't say it's not cute and funny though.

We love, love, love this little tot and all the joy and humor she brings to our home. She's going to be an amazing big sister, seeing as she has a lot of Camryn in her as far as Baby-Love is concerned. Kendyl knows we need her to be our baby right now though and she's always good for a big hug and lots of cuddling. As much as we want her to STOP growing up, we can't wait to see what she's going to start doing next. She always amazes us.


Camryn is full of life. She's ALWAYS running and jumping and dancing. She has a shorter attention span than Brooklyn and makes B mad alot of time when Camryn will suddenly drop her Barbie and move on to play something else. Sometimes we wonder if Camryn has springs in her feet. How else could a child bounce like that on the hard floor?

Camryn LOVES babies. She would rather take care of babies than do anything else. If Dani and Dreya come over, Camryn lets B and Dani go play while she entertains Dreya with toys, baby talk and dances. She's always had a soft spot in her heart for Kendyl. She always wants to take care of her and be her best friend. Ever since Kendyl was born, Camryn has been at my side trying to care for this little one. She can't wait for her baby brother to be born. She loves to put her hand on my tummy and feel him kick.

Camryn loves singing. She'll hear a song a couple times and has it memorized. I know this because she can't help but to hum these songs all day long. We can always tell what's stuck in her head. Since we've gotten the new "Just Dance" Wii game, she's usually singing, "Call Me" by Blondie "Big Girls" by Mika, or "Boyfriend" by Avril Lavigne.

Camryn is very loving and she gives out tons of hugs and kisses each day. Don't be fooled though. She can also have a bit of a temper. If someone steals her toy and makes her mad, she might explode and get sent to time out. She is NOT a fan of timeout and just sits in there and squeels and kicks her feet.

She loves her scriptures and carries them around all the time. Often times when I go into her room in the morning. They're laying on her bed opened up. She'll just open them up and pretend like she's reading them. I've tried to take a picture but she runs away when I try. Church is a big deal to my girls and they get so excited to go each week. Hopefully that lasts...

We love our little Camryn girl and her energy and weirdness. Although we sometimes wonder about the weird voices, noises and little actions she makes...we realize she's 4 and she acts JUST that way. She does however talk extremely well and seems to function on a pretty high level for her age. She wants to learn and be mature...she's usually at my side helping me with cooking, dishes and the laundry. Thank heavens I'm starting to get help from these little people! Camryn's our spunky little cutie pie and we feel very blessed to have her.


In the first few years of life, people would always ask me what the twins' personalities were like and how they were different. It was always hard for me to explain because honestly, they would switch off every couple months. I'd have an angel and a stinker. A whiner and a non-whiner. Now that they're a little older, I think their personalities are pretty established...and it's not really what I would have predicted.

Brooklyn: Everything in her life needs planned out. The most important thing to her is picking her outfit. After too many feuds with mom and dad, she established a system where we take turns picking the outfit every other day. She'll remind me all day, "Mom, tommorow is my day to pick and I've got a GREAT idea!" It's hilarious. She also likes to know the schedule for everything we're doing. She is always aware of the upcoming holiday and needs something to occupy her time each day until that holiday arrives. Puts alot of pressure on her parents to make these holidays special.

Brooklyn has a sensitive little heart...unfortunately. Her parents probably aren't the best at dealing with something so foreign to them. She's the one who often times shows up at our bedsides in the middle of the night alerting us of a problem in her slumber, or that she's not tired anymore. I never appreciate these alerts and promptly send her back to bed. This never works, it only makes her cry in the hallway at full decibels. Nic is better at dealing with it (he's learned from experience) and gets out of bed to console her, no matter how irrational she's being.

Brooklyn will be our little lawyer. She argues her point until she's blue in the face. She's a bit stubborn and hates to lose a battle. I don't give in when she's being unreasonable and she goes crazy. Alot of the time it's actually pretty funny. She has a sassy little way of correcting us on the silliest little issues.

She's still a very playful little thing and always needs a toy in her hands. She loves to snuggle with Mom and Dad on the couch and watch a movie. She's GREAT at drawing pictures and her attention to detail is amazing. She's still pretty shy around adults. She can identify all the prophets and apostles and knows all their names by heart. Her favorite book is the giant fairytale book by her bed and she wants us to read her one every night. She always wants to wear her purple sweat suit to bed. She'd rather be at preschool than anywhere else...except maybe Grandma's. And she's got the memory of an elephant.

We love our little B and her adorable smile. She's a pretty easy child and can entertain herself all day long if she needs to. She has alot of love in her heart; her sisters, cousins and friends are really important to her. We're greatful to have this little sweetheart in our home.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dealing with the Public

I got the WEIRDEST voice mail today regarding a printer I have listed for sale on KSL. Just as Nic and I are laughing about it, I open my KSL messages and read this one. I swear...what's with people? Haha

Hello my name is Bon Jovi (name changed to protect the innocent) i saw this add i am willing to buy it as a present. I know that this a very nice Camera and its condition its okay with me for i have gone through your add on ksl so i will want you to get back to me with your own final price for it, i have seen the price for it but i want your last asking price, so do get back to me with it and the recent photo of it and your cell phone number to so that i can be able to text you but i can't call for i have a ear problem Bon Jovi..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Nic

I swear he gets better with age.

Happy 31st Birthday Nic!
*Just so I always remember: Camryn & Brooklyn picked out Nic's birthday card this year. They found one with a couple naked bums on the front. The inside says "Thought you might expect a couple of cracks about your age." They've been DYING to give Nic his card all week. Their faces when he opened it were priceless.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A couple funnies

*Dani turned 4 this week. Camryn & Brooklyn were invited to go to Chuck E. Cheeses for her birthday. Camryn was so excited the morning of the big event. She told me, "I can't wait to go to Chuck E. Jesus!"

*Last night, Nic set up a curtain in the twins room and all the girls were taking turns coming out from behind the curtain and doing charades. When it was Kendyl's turn, she decided to pull her pants down and pop her naked bum out from behind the curtain to shake her booty. We died laughing. Guess we've got a little mooner on our hands.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Puerto Rico

We had the best New Years vacation to Puerto Rico! Nic's whole family (including kiddos) went. We stayed in a little villa about 50 steps from the beach. Our time was primarily occupied by: the beach, playing "Just Dance" on the Wii, visiting old San Juan- super cool, seeing the jungle...sort of, scuba diving for most....Ashley, Kate and I are all pregnant and had to sit out :( , kayaking in the Bio Luminescent Bay...let me just stop right there and explain this one.

Everybody paired up in kayaks and took off into the ocean. It was dark outside so we had little glow sticks on our kayaks to make it easier to follow the guy in front of you. We paddled about a half a mile through a tunnel of Mangrove trees to get to the bay. As we entered the tunnel, we noticed that every time our paddles entered the water, the water would light up. It got more and more intense as we continued. We'd put our hands in the water and the water looked like blue neon light. Apparantly there are micro-organisms that have the same properties as fireflies that just light up when the water gets stirred. We all felt like we were in the Avatar movie. It was seriously, the most magical thing I've ever seen!

Anyway, we also enjoyed snorkeling, sailing on a giant sailboat and eating the delicious lunch :), doing sparklers at night and just enjoying being with the whole fam. Thanks Nana and Papa and all our family for such an AMAZING vacation!!!
Other points of interest:
- Kendyl burned her finger on the stove
- We had more clouds than we would have liked
- The flights were LONG, LONG, LONG
- We rang in the New Year with some type of bubbly, vinegar, apple cider :)
- Tanner really, really likes to dance
- My belly managed to double its size while I was there
- Tammy & Britten broke into our house and left strange presents throughout
- My little girls got the vacation of a life-time. We hope they don't forget it because they probably won't get another that good until their honeymoons!

Nic made a FABULOUS video of our vacation. This is the condensed video.(double click to see the full screen)

Friday, January 7, 2011

New posts

I added a couple Christmas posts that appear BELOW my Christmas card post. Just to let you know :)

Kendyl wears PANTIES!!

Kendyl's been using the potty off and on for the last month. However, this last week while we were out of town, she wanted to use the potty ALL the time. I told her when we got home, she could wear panties. She's on her second day and she's doing AWESOME! What a miracle. Seriously. Complete opposite of what I went through with the twinners! If you've forgotten what that was like, click this link. In other news, here are her 2 year stats:
Weight: 25lbs (25%)
Length: 35in. (80%)
Head: 19in (60%)
Tall and skinny....huh?