Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Little Waterskiiers!!

Nic's been working on this kid's waterski for the last month. Uncle Robert gave us the raw ski last year and Nic has fiberglassed, sanded and painted it. It's awesome. Well he was one proud daddy yesterday when Camryn & Brooklyn both asked to get on the ski while we were boating! They seriously couldn't get enough of it. It was AWESOME!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


No, I'm not having another set of twins. The body builders pictured above are the so called twins. Nic' grandma snapped some shots of Ashley and I together years ago claiming we looked like twins. Well 6 years later, it was time for our twin picture again. I know I know, it's hard to take your eyes off those buldging muscles, but honestly, do you think we look alike?
SIDENOTE: This picture was taken moments before Ashley took me on a 3 mile run. I thought my head was going to explode when we finished.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My neighbor just bought a little puppy last week. It's so cute and my girls love it. Here they are with Laney (their best friend across the street), and her puppy, Daisy. Kelli didn't want the dog but was outnumbered on the vote. Is buying a dog a mistake? Ask her. But hey, I'm just glad our neighbors have one for us to play with! Thanks Kelli! (Check out C & B's knees- they get an F in the running department).

My cousin, Daisha, stopped in with her husband, Cole, and kids on their way to Virginia where Cole will study for 2 more years to be an orthodontist. Daisha and I were roomies in college and have had some great times together. After piling all our kids on the couch for a picture- we couldn't believe we've created so many crazy heads in the last 5 years! And she's due with another little girl in August!!! Mistakes?? No way.

Nic built a sandbox for the girls a couple days ago. They LOVE it. It keeps them occupied for hours, but when they're done playing in the sand, there is probably more on the ground, in the house and on their bodies than there was in the box. Is the trade off worth it? We haven't decided yet. They're sure cute playing in it though.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Lover

What makes Nic a SERIOUS Sweet Dude? Here are a few of my reasons.

The guy LOVES his Coke. It's scary.

He's my best friend. And I'm pretty sure, along with these guys, I'm his best friend too.

He supports his wife in all her non-money-spending decisions. This is the day I decided to cut myself bangs!

We share a passion for boating. I'd post a picture of him getting some air on a wakeboard, but he never thinks he got enough.

He ALWAYS encourages mischief and loves to get a rise out of people. It's actually pretty funny.

He's a master Griller. Seriously, if you want some SERIOUS steak- Nic's your man.

The man is HANDY! You've seen the swing set and playhouse/slide he built from scratch without instructions. He whipped out this windmill a few years ago just for kicks. Made it up as he went. Unfortunately, the poor windmill took a tumble down my parent's rock wall during a storm. RIP.
He's the WORST patient ever. No, the man isn't capable of sitting still or being taken care of. This couch doubles as Nic's 2nd bed. He spends half of his nights lying in bed awake. I'll often find him laying on the couch (with Fox News on), asleep when I get up in the morning. Poor guy. The good news is, he must learn by osmosis (and from listening to talk radio in his car), because he KNOWS his politics...and can get extremely worked up about it.
He's totally in love with this Lady. Sexy Eskimo.

Nic knows how to have fun. You've already seen him on a snowmobile, so here he is jumping off a bridge.

He always makes me laugh. Check out his To Do list for Rex. Yes, that was our dog before the kids took over.

He rides the Zipper with me every year at the fair.

LOVES his little girls---and they love him back just as much

He's been blessed with super-human strength (And has some sexy muscles to prove it)

And don't worry, Nic and I haven't forgotten about our own awesome Dads. No, these guys aren't blog chances are, they won't see this. But seriously, we've got some pretty cool dads that we love to death. Our kids also love these Grandpa's to death and can't control their excitement when either Grandpa is around. They really lucked out on the day of this picture! Anyway, Dad and Dad, we love you guys and hope you had a FABULOUS Father's Day!

If you're still reading this post, you might as well finish off with this 'husband tag' someone sent me last year. I never published it, but other than Nic being a year older and wiser, everything is the same (I updated the info). Happy Father's Day Nic. I know you're not my dad, but you're my babies' dad...and that makes you pretty dang important.
What is his name? Nicholas Graham Clark

How long have you been married? almost 6 years

Who long did you date? I don't know. We got married 2 years after we met. We dated for most of that time. Long story for another day.

How old is he? 29

Who eats more sweets? Me, hands down. However, he probably drinks more than enough Coke to cover the amount that I eat. He Loves that stuff.

Who said I love you first? He did...right after we decided we should get married. We timed everything badly.

Who is taller? Nic. He's 6 ft., (in 2" stilletos).

Who can sing better? Probably Nic. He doesn't sing much, but he usually sounds really good when he does. I'm the one that sings all the time. I have yet to get him to sing duets with me on the karaoke machine :)

Who is smarter? If you're talking GPA? Me. If you want to know who actually IS smarter? Nic. I feel like he knows the answer to any question I have. He would kill anyone in Trivial Pursuit.

Who does the laundry? Both of us. We usually fold it together while we watch Leno. It's very romantic.

Who pays the bills? The computer. Why be bothered with paper bills when you can set things up automatically online?! Don't worry, I double check my statements to make sure I'm not being had.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Nic. He's closer to the TV, I'm closer to the baby monitor.

Who mows the lawn? Nic. He loves it. But sadly, he's allergic to it and is congested all summer. UPDATE- I've mowed twice this year!

Who cooks dinner? Nic is a master on the BBQ. I usually make everything else. Cafe Rio usually makes us a good dinner too.

Who is more stubborn? Nic.

Who kissed who first? Nic. After about 4 awkward hours sitting on the couch, he finally worked up the courage. It was worth waiting for.

Who proposed? Nic. He sang me a song while playing the guitar in a room filled with roses and candles. I must say that it was pretty romantic. Topped the charts.

Who has more children in their family? Nic. 5 in his, 4 in mine.

Who wears the pants? We both sqeeze in to a leg...but probably him.

Nic, you're lucky I didn't tell the truth! Just kidding. Nic's the best and we're lucky to have him as the Daddy in this house. He is my perfect match and we get along perfectly. I don't know how I got so lucky.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Years Old!!!

I can't believe my babies turned 3 on Friday. Camryn & Brooklyn are a riot (usually). Here are a few reasons these girlies are so special. They spend as much time singing as they do talking. They know every princess song word for word, all the music to Mama Mia and countless other songs. It's pretty funny. They love getting their hair long as it's princess hair of course. They LOVE their baby sister. They talk in funny voices and do funny walks. They pull their pants up to their armpits and say "I'm a nerd!". They pick out Nic's shirt and tie in the morning and put his belt through the loops. Then they always walk him out to his car for work. They have a pretty mature sense of humor and make us laugh all the time. They aren't the best eaters but drink their body weight in juice and milk every day. They still think (know) their mom & dad are the coolest people on the planet!!!

Now that you're totally bored, here are a few pictures of their party. My mom bought a blow up slide from Costco that we borrowed for the day. They LOVED that! And notice the beautiful cupcakes. I had a few little setbacks with those bad boys and ended up buying a lovely (GIANT) cake from Costco. Way better.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Rains, Airplanes & Soccer Games

We were so glad the crazy rain let up this weekend so we could have some fun. So...the following pictures include: 2 Cuties with their freshly picked roses. Some wackos playing in the rain. Air show attenders ( And attend we did...for over 4 hours. We LOVED all the awesome planes and couldn't believe some of the crazy tricks they did. We're all about the Thunderbirds. C & B spent half the time covering their ears. It was loud). And two nerds at the Real soccer game. Ashlan had some spare tickets and we were happy to take them off her hands! Way cool stadium. I guess David Archuletta gave a sizzlin performance after the game...however, We'd seen enough of our local super star on American Idol and decided we were needed at Outback Steakhouse instead.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bumbo Head

Here's my cute little baby sitting in the Bumbo, trying to play with the princess castle. I can't believe she's going to be 6 months this week!! Time flies when you have a baby. It's sad. Kendyl is a VERY VERY active little girly. She's always playing, rolling from here to there, pulling out everyone's hair and grabbing at whatever is within reach. You seriously need to be careful when you're walking around with her because she might just pull a picture off the wall or knock something off the counter. Little busy body. Love her.