Friday, April 30, 2010

Dreya Aleksandra Martin

This beautiful little lady is my brand new niece! Congrats Tammy, Britten and Dani! Here are her stats.
DOB- 4/29/10 @ 8:19pm
Weight- 5#11oz
Length- 19"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preschool Field Trip- Wheeler Farm

So I remember going to this place for Field trips when I was little. Guess everything seems bigger and better when you're young, cause there wasn't a whole lot of action going on at the farm in 2010. However, we did enjoy a crazed pig getting a hair cut (see video), a hay ride, feeding the ducks, and a few other cute animals. Us field-trippers were joined by my Mom, Ella, Owen, my friend Jenny, and her two boys, Jaxon and Crew.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

27 Glorious Years

Yesterday was my birthday. Nic and I ate at Benihana and shopped at Gateway while my parents babysat. Since nothing good was playing at the theater, I went in, bought popcorn, and brought it home to eat while we watched Prison Break. I know, I'm sick...but honestly, that's the main reason I go to the movies. We had a great time and I enjoyed spending the money I received from the people that obviously love me the most. :)

This guy (Carmelo Anthony aka: #1 Thugget), was at Benihana and TOTALLY interupted my nice birthday dinner with my husband to ask for a picture with me. The nerve of some people..... Go Jazz!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm too HOT

Camryn, Brooklyn & I walked home from church on Sunday. After a few minutes, Camryn said, "I'm too hot out here". Oh how I've LONGED for weather that's too hot!! Spring is finally here! We've spent the majority of our time lately outside! Everything from yardwork, walks, playing by the little pool, going to the park, eating lunch and dinner on the patio, you name it. Nic even put the snowmobiles away and picked up the boat yesterday! HURRAY!!! We've decided to take advantage of the weather while we can, seeing as Utah's weather can often times trick us into thinking it's spring, then dumps a foot of snow on our doorsteps the next day (yes, I've seen tomorrow's forecast). These pictures are pretty random, I just wanted to post them.

This baby is a SERIOUS carnivore. Her favorite food is ANY KIND OF MEAT!! So funny.

Nic made flower burgers for the girls. Cute.

Uncle Tanner stayed with us last week and the girls LOVED it! He went outside and made castles & barns for them in the sandbox.

Nobody is off the hook for spring cleaning at this house ;)

These 3 LOVE to dance. Kendyl has some seriously sweet coming.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dr. Sellers...Utah's Doctor of the Year!!

Congratulations Daddy!!! I have the coolest dad ever. He's been donating at least two weeks of his time each year since 1986, to go on an Operation Smile mission and operate on these afflicted children for free. Most of them have cleft lips and/or pallets. Many of them have burns, tumors and other horrible problems. He always comes home with such touching pictures and stories. My mom often times gets to go with him and help out. They most recently went to India and couldn't even explain the poverty. The team operated on nearly 1,000 people and had such an amazing experience. I'm so proud of him and the work he does. He was recently nominated as Utah's Doctor of the year! We got to attend an Operation Smile breakfast this week where he was honored by Governor Herbert. He did a fabulous job speaking and it was obvious that everyone in the room truly respected my dad and the work he's done. If you were watching KSL news yesterday, you probably saw him! How lucky I am to have him as my dad/doctor!!! He does BEAUTIFUL work. Way to go Dad, we are truly so proud of you!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vegas Baby!!

Nat and I had such a blast spending Spring Break in Vegas and St. George! Since she's a teacher, she takes this blessed holiday seriously and I was more than willing to go on a little vacation with her. It was so fun reminiscing about our college days and the Spring Break we spent in Vegas with our friends & boyfriends 8 years ago! Yes, my boyfriend was Nic....and we had a BLAST back in 2002 :) Anyway, it was fabulous being able to spend a few relaxing days with one of my all-time favorite friends. We stayed at MGM Grand the first night. We hit the Grand Spa the next morning, then spent the majority of the day at the pool. After shopping, eating and wandering around the strip, we concluded our Vegas portion of the trip by seeing KA- Cirque Du Soleil. It was awesome. And in case you're wondering, I doubled my money...came with $1, left with $2!!! It was almost embarrasing cashing out.

We drove to St. George after the show and stayed at the Crystal Inn. The continental breakfast and pool were fabulous. We were able to go to the temple, shop, lay out, go out to eat, and meet babes on the boulevard....kidding. We had such a good time and can't wait to go on another trip. We've decided we'll have to up it a few notches (New Zealand) for our 30th birthdays in 3 years. AHHHH!

This post wouldn't be complete without thanking Tammy, Kellie and Ashley for taking care of my little girlies while I was away. Ashley had them for the bulk of it and like always, spoiled the girls and made sure they had the BEST time! I'm forever indebted! And it's always nice to have your husband's blessing when you go away. Nic knew I needed it- thanks lover.