Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here are a few pics of this year's Easter festivities. We had a little Easter party with my family on Saturday. It was short and sweet since it had to fit between conference and Priesthood session. The kids had an Easter egg hunt, then we came in and ate yummy food & treats. After the men left, Holly & Mom stuck around and the remaining children dyed eggs. Lots of fun!! Easter morning was totally traditional. Egg hunt, baskets, Easter dresses (thank you Nana!), yummy dinner. The twins got a few presents in their baskets. The baby got a banana and whatever else I could scrounge around the house last minute. She's one...enough said. She got a dum dum (found it in the candy bowl) and was as happy as I've ever seen her. She ate it for breakfast!! Mom of the year, right here. My parents came over for dinner which I honestly spent WAY too much time cooking, but it was really good. I figured they'd had a long day singing and they needed a good meal. :)

All 3 girls have a little blue skirt like the one Kendyl has on in this pic. My mom brought them back from India! Who would have thought!?

{Conference Review} I was able to pay attention to a little bit more conference than usual. I made sure Kendyl's naps were timed just right and since the Easter Bunny brought the girls 2 Barbie movies, that took care of them. I enjoyed it. I feel like there was alot of focus on the youth and seeing as I'm in the Young Women Presidency in my ward, I should probably find more ways to step it up. Oh man....pressure. I also liked that they kept saying your kids turn out like you. What a relief!!!! ;) And as always, it's fun to play "Where's Waldo" and search for my parents singing in the choir!


Clark's Corner said...

What a fabulous Easter you had! Thanks for all the fun pictures. Gotta love those girlies!
The Nana

Daisha said...

Cole's out of town and I really wanted to have some time to sleep and read this morning so i got out m&m's and jelly beans for breakfast in hopes that they'd stay happy and leave me alone. It seemed to work pretty well and I don't even feel that guilty!! Your girls are getting so big.

Derek and Kelli said...
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Derek and Kelli said...

Cute pictures Steff! We play where's waldo too over at our house and look for your parents!

Stan and Jenn said...

That looks like a fun Easter weekend! The girls look darling in their Easter dresses.It looks like the weather cooperated for you that day. Nice!