Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm too HOT

Camryn, Brooklyn & I walked home from church on Sunday. After a few minutes, Camryn said, "I'm too hot out here". Oh how I've LONGED for weather that's too hot!! Spring is finally here! We've spent the majority of our time lately outside! Everything from yardwork, walks, playing by the little pool, going to the park, eating lunch and dinner on the patio, you name it. Nic even put the snowmobiles away and picked up the boat yesterday! HURRAY!!! We've decided to take advantage of the weather while we can, seeing as Utah's weather can often times trick us into thinking it's spring, then dumps a foot of snow on our doorsteps the next day (yes, I've seen tomorrow's forecast). These pictures are pretty random, I just wanted to post them.

This baby is a SERIOUS carnivore. Her favorite food is ANY KIND OF MEAT!! So funny.

Nic made flower burgers for the girls. Cute.

Uncle Tanner stayed with us last week and the girls LOVED it! He went outside and made castles & barns for them in the sandbox.

Nobody is off the hook for spring cleaning at this house ;)

These 3 LOVE to dance. Kendyl has some seriously sweet moves....video coming.


Clark's Corner said...

The best part of my day is finding new pictures on my kids' blogs! So my day today is complete - at 7:30 a.m.! What adorable pictures. I love those big smiles. Thanks for sharing. The flower burgers were pretty cute, too.
Have a great day everybody!
Love you,
The Nana

Natalie said...

I love these pictures! It reminds me of my childhood with my sisters! Adorable!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Barbie!
I'm so glad I have you as a friend.
Happy Birthday Barbie!
I hope the good times never end.


Miss you!