Friday, May 3, 2013

Camryn- The Toothless Wonder

Camryn HATES wiggling her teeth.  In fact, she asks me to do it for her (if they absolutely MUST come out).  Well in this case, they were VERY ready to come out.  I wiggled 2 out on Sunday morning....she tried to be tough, but was teary the whole time.  I wiggled the other front tooth out on Tuesday- she was much tougher this time.  She looks pretty dang cute with no teeth.  Hard to believe she's this old!  Brooklyn is now determined to get her front teeth out :)
Yep, she asked the Tooth Fairy for paper money instead of gold coins :)


Natalie Smith said...

darling toothless smile.

Clark's Corner said...

So cute! And getting so much tougher!