Thursday, October 25, 2007

We'll miss you!

Our friend and brother Bryce passed away this afternoon after a major battle with melanoma. He and his wife Tammy fought like warriors for three months knowing that they could beat this, but our Father in Heaven must have had greater plans for Bryce because we believe that he had the strength to overcome this terrible disease.

Both Tammy and Bryce have been an inspiration for hundreds of people including family, friends and strangers who check their website daily searching for strength for their daily struggles. Tammy's postings and Bryce's determination have really helped us all put our petty complaints and pains into perspective. They've found positive in all the negative and "made lemonade" out of their situation. We are so grateful for their example.

Bryce left this earthly life with family by his side talking to him and telling funny stories from his past. He had his sense of humor up to the last minute when he could only respond by blinking his eyes. I guess it's a little difficult to explain unless you were there. He went peacefully shortly after receiving an incredible blessing from Tammy's dad. It was a moment of very conflicting feelings, but one of relief for the fact that Bryce didn't have to suffer any longer. We are so fortunate to have such a clear view of life after death and the plan that God has for us. Our family is so lucky to have known Bryce and to have learned so much from him.
If you'd like to follow their story, check out their website at


Jocee Bergeson said...

Steff- No wonder I didn't hear back from you about play date for our girls....this is just heartbreaking. I hope you are all doing ok - and especially Tammy. This is just devastating.


Ashley said...

Stef- I can't even imagine what Tammy and your familes are going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time. Love, Ash

trent and rach henderson... said...

this is not something i thought i would ever have to see on your blog! tammy has been amazing and such a great example! i have checked their blog periodically and always thought what an amazing couple they were! we love you guys!
trent and rach

Preston Family said...

I send my love to your family and to his wife and child. I will keep you all in my prayers and I am so sorry for your loss.
Love, Kacee