Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Britten's Run

I know I've mentioned Britten before. He's our MIRACLE cousin who is doing so awesome after being hit by a bus in Brazil and nearly dying. Seeing as medical bills, therapy bills and other bills are basically out of sight, Karla and Steven's families decided to organize a 5K in Logan. The race was WELL attended with about 1,000 people there. It seemed like a professional organization put it on! Nic and I had the kids, so we decided to run/walk the 1 mile. We had a blast. Once we crossed the finish line, we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast, then I was off to sell raffle tickets! There were raffles, auctions, refreshments and more. Everyone there seemed to be having a blast and we're hoping that this event will bring in lots of money for this great family! (We have yet to hear the grand total!)
We went to the pool with tons of Schenks and Clarks afterwards :)

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