Friday, October 31, 2014


Holidays are month long events now-a-days.  These kids were in their costumes for some event or another almost every day!  Nixon found this skeleton costume at Smiths and decided that's what he wanted to be.  He put it on right when we got home and we could hardly get it off him for the next week.  He wanted to scare us :)  The twins wanted to be witches and we found the bulk of their costumes at DI.  Kendyl found her ROCKER costume at Costco and it was perfect for her.  Calvin was this adorable lion.  I found some "Incredibles" costumes on a Facebook yardsale a few days before Halloween.  My intention was to save them for next year, but Nixon obviously found them and couldn't wait to be Mr. Incredible.  I had to let him :)  Here we are at a preschool program (Nixon was about to get a fever, little did I know, I wasn't feeling very festive that day), the Fall Festival, Grandma's Halloween party (which was very awesome), Main Street Trick-or-Treating (I even dressed up for that one!), and a backyard glamour shot :)  We also trick-or-treated in our own neighborhood and hit up 2 Trunk-or-Treats!  I think we collected about 30 pounds of candy, no joke!

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