Saturday, November 1, 2014

Soccer Kids

Nixon was PARALYZED  with fear for his first practice and first game.  If I wasn't out there holding his hand, he wouldn't even move.  Well then something happened.  He somehow scored a goal as I was dragging him along; and that did it.  He was a new man, ready to take on the field!  He let go of my hand and played like a champ the rest of the game!!!  As long as I started each game by easing him into it for just a minute, he did great!  He looked forward to his games all week.  He scored a few goals and we couldn't be more proud of this little man.

 Kendyl was born to play soccer.  We was asked to be on the more "skilled" team this season, but I decided to keep her where she was at for now and just let her shine on her team :)  Well shine, she did!  She averaged 3 or 4 goals a game and enjoyed every minute of it

Brooklyn is a hustler.  Always right on the ball and never wanting to come out.  She scored a few goals this season and they were beautiful!

Camryn has improved by leaps and bounds this year.  She didn't love soccer her first couple of years but she plays SO much better now and really seems to focus and enjoy the game.  She is a great defender and she also scored a goal this season.

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