Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Ashley and Ryan's house.  Poor Kendyl babe was SOOO sick.  She slept in Ashley's office for half the day with breathing treatments every few hours.  I was just about to take her to the ER, her breathing was SO labored.  Broke my heart all day.  Besides that, the rest of the kids had a great time and the whole family (minus Tanner) was able to feast together.  There are a few pictures at the bottom of Nixon at his school program.  He ATE and ATE and ATE.  I've never seen this kid eat so much.  It was amazing.  He wouldn't, however, wear his Thanksgiving hat for the program.  He's a little stinker when it comes to performing :)  What am I Thankful for this year?  This family of mine.  They are my everything.  Everything.

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