Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Calvi- 10 months

Nic and I are done having kids.  That declaration just puts a pit in my stomach.  Seeing Calvi get big is so awesome and so heart wrenching all at once.  He is so happy, curious, and loving.  Really the perfect baby to end on.  He LOVES to eat...maybe because he gets table food instead of baby food.  He LOVES his siblings to carry him around.  He loves to chase our automatic vacuum, Doobi, around.  He loves his binki.  He loves when I sing him "I Am a Child of God" before bed.  He loves laying his head in a pile of blankies.  His smile is to squishy and cute.  He claps, says "mama" and "dada".  Sleeps like a champ.  Nurses like a champ.  I'm just in love.  In love.

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