Sunday, October 20, 2013


These beautiful little girls are back in school!  The twins started 2nd grade with Ms. Dickson (who left on the 2nd day to teach somewhere else), and now they have Mrs. Stephenson.  They were sad at first, but now they love Mrs. S :)  They absolutely love school and as a mom, it's such a relief to see their joy of it all.  They are smart girls and do so well.  I lucked out.  Kendyl started her final year of preschool a couple weeks later with Mrs. Trish.  Miss Shanna had a new baby, and sadly, discovered she had lymphoma is is currently going through chemo....she'll be ok, but needless to say, she wasn't able to teach this year.  Kendyl LOVES her new preschool and she's excited to learn how to read this year!  Kendyl is such a bubbly, crazy little tooty- nothing surprised me with her.  Camryn and Brooklyn left Kendyl these cute notes before they left to school on Kendyl's first day.  She was so happy to get them.  One more year till little Nixon starts preschool!  Hopefully he's just excited about it.  So far- I haven't had any sad school kids!  (knock on wood).

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