Thursday, October 17, 2013


                                                             Dragonflys with Jenna
Camryn & Brooklyn had an entirely different team this year.  We switched from the "Legacy Prep" boundaries to the "Woods Cross" boundaries.  It was an entirely different experience for these girls.  They were on a team full of kids that were EXCITED to play and actually tried really hard!  Camryn is still struggling to find her 'love' of the game and we feel like we had to get after her to "run faster", "kick the ball", etc.  When she tries her best, she does well, it's just motivating her to try her best.  Brooklyn, on the other hand, went out there and played her hardest and never wanted to come out.  She loves soccer and she loves to push herself to the max.  She scored a couple goals this season and did so well!
                                                         Cinnamon Bears with Lesa
Kendyl's team was so fun to watch.  4 year olds are just figuring out the game so it's a lot different than watching the older girls.  Kendyl scored quite a few goals and was one of the better players on her team!  We were proud of her.  She would wave, blow a kiss and give us a thumbs up every time she would score.  What a ham :)  She scored a goal her first game and earned herself a box of donuts from Daddy.  A little bribery never hurt anything!

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