Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My first and LAST garage sale took place this summer!  I wanted to know FOR SURE that this baby is a boy- so I waited for my confirmation ultrasound then made plans to get rid of ALL my little girl stuff (3T and smaller).  I couldn't BELIEVE how much stuff I had!!!  Tables and tables full of clothes, dresses, shoes, bedding, coats, costumes, toys, and much, much more.  My mom had a bunch of junk to sell too so we did this together.  It took weeks of  prep of gathering and labeling everything.  We had our tables loaded and squished into the garage the night before the sale so we'd be ready first thing in the morning.  And people were DEFINITELY there first thing in the morning...like, an hour before we'd advertised for it to begin.  Oh well!  We sold a TON of stuff and probably had just as much if not MORE left over at the end.  I was able to sell lots of my leftovers online.  The rest were given to neighbors and dropped off at DI.  It feels FABULOUS to have all that stuff gone!  I don't want to repeat the madness of a garage sale or deal with the crazy bargainers ever again- so it looks like Dreya will be getting our hand-me-downs from now on :)  I ended up making over $600 so I'm happy about it!  That night- we had dinner and ice cream with my parents to celebrate our "successful" day :)

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