Sunday, September 4, 2016

Labor Day- Cal's stitches and Pineview Magic

We figured it was time to hit the lake with the Sellers Family so we made plans to spend Labor Day weekend in Eden and at the lake.  Before we could even leave our house, Calvin was playing in the car while we were packing last minute things, and he somehow fell out of his door backwards....right onto loose rock.  There was blood gushing down his face and I knew it was bad.  Ed was there in .2 seconds, offering his "medical kit".  We knew this was a job for a doc.  Luckily for us, Mom and Dad hadn't left town yet because they had gotten a flat tire in their trailer and had just finished fixing it.  We called Dad and they met us at their house.  Poor Calvy was scared and tired and practically fell asleep on my lap while we were waiting for dad to get ready.  He didn't like the numbing shots very much, but after that, we told him Grandpa was just washing his hair and Calvy went right to sleep.  Sweet baby.  
We finally headed up to Eden about 30 minutes later and had pizza with the fam at the house :)  We headed to Pineview the next morning and went tubing on the windy, wavy lake.  Kind of wrecks the fun when the weather isn't cooperating.  We had olympics on the sand, ate lunch and had a limbo contest :)  Other highlights of the weekend were eating at Huntsville BBQ, holding Vivi, Going on a somewhat challenging hike with all the kiddos and hanging out at the pool.  I shouldn't fail to mention that Nic went home one night to lay tile in our kitchen with his dad.  Post to come.

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