Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July in Soda

We love spending our 4th of July in Soda Springs with the Clarks!  Wades pond and Pavillion are beyond awesome. The perfect gathering place for kids and adults.  I ran the 5k with Brooklyn and Kendyl at the crack of dawn on the 4th.  They both wanted to run it so I stayed with Kendyl babe and B ran with Lilly.  They all did great :)  We scored a load of candy at the parade and floated the Bear river that afternoon.  I could get used to relaxing like that :)  We ate diner together and shared some stories (or poems if you're me) about Grandma Clark since she'll be celebrating her 85th birthday in a few weeks.  Until next year, Clarks!

Grandma Clark: A Miracle on Earth

Cheeseballs, fruit cocktail and buttery Toast,
Some Grandma Clark delights.
She's awake in her slippers and a counter of snacks,
when we arrive for our visits late night.
A wall full of Christmas gifts, ready to go, and it's only mid July.
A beautiful quilt for each little baby,
Much lovelier than money could buy.
A magical deep-freeze with fudge, bread and snacks.
And the fridge stocked with Coke and Sprite.
A visit to Grandma's is never complete until your pants fit extra tight.
She has legs for days and a smile so sweet and we think we've figured out why.
It's the extra butter, cinnamon and sugar she adds to her apple pie.
She's fun at the beach. She's an Instagram sensation. Does a Gammy get any better?
Her cute laugh,  yummy cooking, great looks and gorgeous family, we are grateful that forever we get her.

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