Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kendyl's new Room!

Look at Kendyl's remodeled room!  Thanks to Nic for putting in hours and hours of hard work.  He paneled and painted the walls, He knocked out part of a wall to give her a closet.  He ripped down a whole wall of shelves.  He framed in the window.  He sanded and refinished the wood floor.  He painted and installed the sliding barn door.  He painted the walls.  He painted the bed..... And I picked out the bedspread and the "K".  Oh what would he do without me!? ;)  It might be the most adorable room there ever was.  And now, it has curtains and a beautiful rug.  Nic hasn't stopped building amazing things since the day we got married.  I'm luckier than I even realize.

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