Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sellers Christmas Party

Mom & Dad put on quite the Christmas party this year. The kids were in heaven. Santa even showed up and gave them all matching jammies! Poor little Camryn coudn't muster up the courage to sit on St. Nick's lap. The rest were able to give him their carefully tailored list of Christmas needs. Unfortunately for Ella, she followed him up the stairs when he left and spied on him talking to my Dad on the driveway while taking off his beard and hat. Haha- just one of Santa's helpers. We had quite the Wok Lin feast- Christmas Eve tradition, and ate WAY too many treats. Kendyl probably ate her body weight in treats. Bless her heart- the child has a serious sweet tooth, often times risking her life for a hand full of M&M's. The night concluded with a wild game of steal bingo. Tammy escaped with a top of the line pregnancy test (in case she needs the occasional reminder that she is indeed pregnant) and I walked away with the coveted box of Bazooka bubble gum. And what would a Christmas party be without Luke 2 and the Nativity. The kiddos were stoked to put the people in the manger. Thanks Mom & Dad! And Thanks for the Doll House! The girls now spend 90% of the day playing with it. Heaven sent.

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Natalie said...

Super cute jammies!!! You girls are too adorable!