Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last night Mom, Holly, Ashley and I went to Ballet West's "The Nutcracker". I was SO excited to go because I haven't been back to see it since I was in it 14 years ago!!! I was a red soldier when I was 12. The auditions were grueling and tough but it was worth it for me to be able to perform with Ballet West in my Favorite ballet. I'd actually wanted to be one of the party girls that dances at the beginning, unfortunately, I was a couple inches to tall. Ballet was my life as a kid and I danced for 13 years...until cheerleading took over. We all know how important that is ;) ANYWAY, it was exciting to see those soldiers come out and do the same dance they've been doing forever. I actually remembered most of it! Thanks mom for taking us...and thank you all for putting up with my little jaunt through memory lane. It's always nice to remember the days when I had some talent. Somehow my talents have all become dust in the wind since having kids...unless dishes, laundry and vacuming are talents!


Derek and Kelli said...

Cute picture! Ashley looks just like one of the Seller's.

aclark said...

Thanks so much for last night! It was quite magical..I also look like I could be a part of your family in this picture! Ps...I'll probably steal this picture right off you blog

the fellers said...

I sure hope that those are considered talents, cause man, I feel totally useless sometimes!