Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Clark Festivas

The Clark Christmas party was a blast. We celebrated at my parent's house in Eden this year seing as our crowd is 30+ people. It's the extended family, so Nic's Grandma & Grandpa Clark's offspring...and all the offspring that's come from that! This year was bittersweet since we didn't have our hillarious commentator, Robert. He is sorely missed. He was always the showstopper at these events and just made life fun in general. We did our best to carry on the traditions though and the food, company and white elephant did not disappoint. Complete with 3 snuggies (one of which was a Doggy snuggie), a beautiful piece of art suited for a mantel, a beta fish (which we brought and also ended up with....and accidentally killed when we forgot to bring him in from the car last night), I'd say the white elephant was right up there with the best of them. It was a fiesta theme so we did Cafe Rio pork burritos, a pinata, and Nic even serenaded us with his version (actually I was the composer, but he performed it), of Feliz Navidad....translated to "A Clark Festivas". Each year there are more and more babies so it was quite chaotic but the kids got along great and had TONS of fun. We all slept over (lots of bodies on the floor), and some people went snowmobiling the next day. Thanks Clarks for always making these parties so much fun! Enjoy the pictures!


Matt & Katie said...

We feel SO bummed we missed out. Dang dental school. But glad you guys had so much fun! We looked at the pics 10x last night and we just love the white elephant gifts! SOOO funny! Only a few more days until you fly out! Seriously - we are SO excited!

Derek and Kelli said...

Maybe Nic could serenade your blog with "A Clark Festivas." Also, if that's you in the middle of the framed picture with short brown hair, you are lookin' HOT!