Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December This's and Thats

Ella's 8th birthday party was at Kangaroo Zoo.  There were probably 30 kids there!  They all had a fabulous time, of course.  My girls love Ella and all their cousins.  They get along so well and prefer their cousins over anybody else. My favorite part of the party was when all the little girls ditched their cake to watch Ella open presents...and Nixon boy went around and shoved everyone's cake in his mouth.

I cut Brooklyn's hair :)  She was feeling a little left out.  I'd LOVE for her to have the same cute bob that her sisters have, but Camryn REALLY wants to be unique.  Brooklyn likes when they look alike...
 Blowing Bubbles.  Kendyl blew them, Nixon chased them.  Cute.
First, Camryn was drawing pictures of stick figures getting sucked into tornadoes, now she's drawing pictures of volcanoes blasting and people screaming for help!  Hmmmm. At least she's great at drawing & coloring!
We've had lots of balloons at our house from various parties.  Nixon is in HEAVEN!  He gets out of bed and begins his search for "boons".  I had fun just sitting on the floor, throwing balloons at him one afternoon :)

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Natalie Smith said...

The bubble scene is a daily occurrence at our house. I love it!