Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

We spent Thanksgiving in St. George with Ashley, Ryan, Hudson, Matt, Kate, Averi & Elle.  We were there for a whole week and it was wonderful.  The kids entertained eachother in the playroom for most of it....which makes it pretty nice on their parents :)  We played on the razor, went on hikes, swam, shopped, did some "Insanity", ate lots and lots of food, and lets not forget, got the stomach flu.  Yep, it started with Nic on Thanksgiving morning, I caught it around noon, and my kids all had it the WHOLE night....with the exception of Kendyl.  We all felt alot better the next day, then the day after that, Kate and Elle had it!  Yuck.  It was unfortunate. 

We were also lucky enough to have Quinton fly in for a day and spend some time swimming, biking, razoring, and just hanging out with us.  I always love when Nic has one of his best buddies to hang out with.  Quinton has always been like family to us.  Some other highlight include going Black Friday Shopping with Ashley and Kate.  We wanted to check out the madness and Target and Walmart at 9pm on Thanksgiving.  HOLY COW- we weren't anticipating 1/2 a mile line outside of Target and piles and piles of bodies reserving their electronics at Walmart.  It was madness... but we were entertained :)  We saw "The Guardians"  which was super cute.  We ate at Pizza Factory for Kate's 27th birthday.  And lets not forget about the shopping that was done!  Online and in stores.  We're a bunch of SUCKERS for good deals!  We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and we're so grateful for family first and foremost.  They're always there through thick and thin and they make our lives wonderful :)


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