Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nixon buddy is 18 months old.

This little guy remains the most popular member of our family.  Here are a few things that make Nixon special.
*Says 'thank you' for EVERYTHING.  Polite little guy.
*Still OBSESSED with balls.  Seriously everything he sees must resemble a ball in some way or another.
*Still tiny as ever.
*Still obsessed with his boppy and doesn't want to eat anything with any nutritional value...Except hotdogs.  Are those nutritious?
*Gives the best hugs and kisses.
*Loves watching football with Daddy.
*Knows how to say:  football, basketball, I'm cute, Thank you, nigh night (which is the name of his blanky), All done,movie, cookie....and he's pretty good at animal sounds.  I'm sure I've forgetting some....but what can you expect from the mother of 4!?
*Loves when the trains go by.  He looks out the window and shouts, "choo choo!"
*Throws everything.
*Mama's boy.  Always wants me to pick him up and hold him.
*Tells us whenever he's pooping, he'll squat down and say "Poopy".  Let's hope that helps with potty training.
*Pretty mild mannered for the most part.  He's always on the move, but considering his age, he doesn't cause a whole lot of problems.  Thank goodness!
Weight: 20 lbs 13oz (under 5%)  poor guy!
Height: 31" (10%)
Head: 19" (50%)

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Natalie Smith said...

lil boys are the best! he is the cutest!