Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kendyl is 4!!!

Why does this make me so sad :(  I hate seeing Kendyl grow up.  She's been such an adorable, special little girl.  Her innocence and goodness have always melted my heart.  Besides that, she's always been very mature for her age. She hasn't been one to throw tantrums or act out. She's the best side kick ever.  I hope and pray that I never forget all the little things about Kendyl that make me want to SQUEEZE and KISS her 100 times a day!

Kendyl loves Hello Kitty, so I made her a Hello Kitty cake!  I was so pumped about how great it turned out.  Kendyl loved it :)  She got a new outfit and a Hello Kitty necklace that morning.  She ate her favorite breakfast, blueberry oatmeal with toast w/honey and strawberry milk.  Then she got to take a poster and treats to preschool. Miss Shanna gave Kendyl some pink nail polish and when Kendyl got home, she went straight into the laundry room, grabbed a craft mat, laid down on the floor and started painting her nails.  It was adorable.  When C & B got home from school, we let her open her other presents.  A new doll named Olivia, a book and a couple other little things.  Soon after that, we took off for Jungle Jim's Playland!  We invited all the family and Heather&Macy.  The kids had the best time ever!  They couldn't believe they could just run from ride to ride and not even have to pay (ha, the things they don't understand).  Since Kendyl and Grandma Nicolaysen share a birthday, we celebrated both of their birthdays and had pizza and cake and opened presents.  With all the tickets my kids won from arcade games, Kendyl got a slinky :)  That just might be her favorite present of all! Haha.  I had the best time spoiling little Kendyl all day. She's an amazing kid.  I don't know what I did to deserve her.

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Natalie Smith said...

what a sweetheart! the cake was awesome Steff!