Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is no longer a one-day's the entire month of October!!  Between the Fall Festival at C & B's school, Trick-or-Treating at Great Grandma's place (Barton Creek), Trunk-or-Treat at Grandma/pa Sellers, our own Trunk-orTreat, cousin party at Grandma Sellers',  dressing up for dance and just felt like a lot.  By the time Halloween actually rolled around- I was SPENT!!  The pictures give just a glimpse into our Halloween activities this year.  The creepy cupcake was made especially for me by Camryn :)  I think the girls' favorite part this year was spray painting their hair.  Cam even wore fake eyelashes.  The bottom right picture is just a few of the Schenk ladies that spent the weekend following Halloween in St. George!  We went to Thriller (pic), swam, shopped, stayed up way too late and ate lots of good food :)  It was a blast and I'm always grateful to my mom and dad for allowing me to use their awesome home down there.


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