Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dance performance at Cornbellys

Camryn and Kendyl have been taking dance for a couple months at Legacy Dance.  Unfortunately, there's a CRAZY waiting list (we were on it for 9 months), and there was only one spot left in the 7 year old class.  Brooklyn is as sweet as pie and decided that Camryn should be the one to start dance because she could probably use some extra practice.  Haha.  Brooklyn practices her back walkovers, back handsprings, splits and everything else EVERY day.  Anyway, since I'm writing this post a month later, I'm happy to say that Brooklyn got into dance a week after they performed for Halloween!  It was the happiest day ever :)  So here are my other two cuties at their first big performance.  They were adorable and had fun.  We invited Ash, Matt, their families and Nana to come watch (my fam couldn't make it).  Afterwards we played at Cornbelly's until it got too dark to keep track of our wanderer....Kendyl (yes, she always wanders away and gets lost!)
Here are Kendyl's class and Camryn & Brooklyn's class all dressed up in their Halloween costumes :)

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