Saturday, November 30, 2013


Luckily, the last couple months of my pregnancy have been full of holidays and busyness.  Makes the time go a lot quicker.  Here are some things I want to remember about this month.
*Camryn has started making breakfast for everyone.  She woke up every morning during Thanksgiving break and made ego waffles with whipped cream for everybody.  She was SO proud.  She also started making sandwiches for lunch and was thrilled when she even got to make lunch for me :)  cute girl.  Kendyl has started making her own sandwiches too.  It's fun to see her trying to act so big :)
*There were a few Thanksgiving events at the schools.  I went to C & B's school and helped with their harvest.  Kendyl and Nixon came with me and sat by the twins.  The fit in perfectly :)
*Kendyl always has the best art projects she makes in school.  Check out that giant turkey!
*Check out Nixon's reaction to the car wash :)  After I took his picture, I pulled him out of his seat and set him on my lap.  He did better.
*Nixon has been potty training for a couple months now.  He's doing pretty well- accidents here and there, but he was thrilled to find this mini toilet at Walmart :)
*Check out the dark picture of Nic and me.  We actually got babysitters and went to the movies, "Catching Fire".
*Those 2 cuties in the sink are OBSESSED with water.  If they're not asking to sit in the sink, they're in the tub.

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