Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kendyl Babe is 5!

This pretty girl is already 5!  How did that happen?  I still remember when she was born like it was yesterday.  I was so in love with that little face and have been ever since.  We're absolutely in love with our Kendyl Babe.  She had her first friend party this year and wanted to invite her church friends, school friends, neighborhood friends, random friends, preschool friends, dance friends, cousins..... I just figured that since it was around the holidays on a week night, lots of people wouldn't show up.  I was wrong.  All but two came.  There were LOTS of little girls at Kendyl's stuffed animal party.  Their animals got collars, then went to the Doc McSteffens and got a bandaid and a blanket.  Kendyl got to open lots of presents then we had cake and icecream. She was so great at opening her presents and thanking each person and giving them a hug.  Made my heart happy.  Hopefully she remembers this party well because this probably won't be happening too often. She got to buy her own present with Nana and Papa's money and got a Stretchkin she names Cutie.  She was doing back walk-overs with it attached to her hands and feet.  It was actually pretty cool.  Love you Kendyl Babe!!!
Oh and we mustn't forget that it's also Great Grandma's birthday the same day as Kendyl's (Dec. 5th).  Just 80 years older :)  We visited her to take her a gift and tell her happy birthday and she was having her hair done at the Barton Creek Salon : )



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