Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Salt Dough Ornaments and Kendyl's "fancy" word

So what do you do when the kids have an entire week off from school?  Well we made salt dough ornaments.  The kids actually did alot of the work themselves, but I definitely had my fair share of work too.  Here's my favorite story about this event.  When we were FINALLY done and I was cleaning up, I tipped over the cup of  yucky paint brush water onto the floor.  Kendyl was standing close by, came running over and exclaimed, "OH SH#*", she knew it was a bad thing to say and immediately tried to cover by saying, " I mean shoot....shut up...".  She was clearly shocked with herself and unsure of what she should do.  Oh man, by then, Nic, the twins, Grandma (who was here giving B a piano lesson) and I were all standing there trying not to laugh!  Grandma could hardly contain herself.  We said to Kendyl, "where did you learn that word!", and Camryn answered, "Dad says it all the time!".  Well if Grandma wasn't laughing hard before, she was now.  We got the mess cleaned up and had a great story to share at Thanksgiving dinner :)

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