Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas time was a little crazy!  We had our Sellers Party a week before Calvin was born.  The kids acted out the Nativity.  We did White Elephants for kids and adults.  Had a little talent show.  Great Grandma read the Night Before Christmas.  We ate Chinese food.  Basically like most other years...it was nice :)

After Calvin was born, we decided to have Christmas day at our house with Nic's family.  It was probably a bad idea in hind site.  I'm one of those dummies that has to have the house clean, so knowing people were coming over, I probably over-did it getting everything ready....considering I'd had a baby 4 days earlier.  It was still fun (and crowded) though!  The highlight was Nixon and Hudson getting their little electric ride-on motorcycles.  They rode them all over the basement all night.  So awesome.  We had a wonderful meal, broke a pinata, did a white elephant and opened lots of presents.  I'd be lying if I didn't say it made me a little emotional to have a brand new baby boy at Christmas time.  Kind of made the whole meaning of Christmas and the birth of our Savior a little more magical for me.

I shouldn't forget to mention our own little family Christmas!  We woke up early and brought the kiddos downstairs to check out what Santa brought!  Brooklyn got a Furreal dog.  Cam got some Magic Treehouse books.  Kendyl got an Olivia doll.  Nixon got a Nemo squishy and other tub toys.  That Santa is a good man!  And guess what....they got a lot more stuff from their parents :)  It's so fun to have little kids at Christmas time.  And thank goodness we had Spanky the Elf around the house ALL MONTH to make sure the kids were well behaved (they usually are).  It was usually Spanky who was misbehaving... Cookout with the barbies and stuffed animals in the living room.  Swim party on the counter in a snowcone cup and much more :)

Merry Christmas!

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