Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calvin's First Days Home

Calvin is a fantastic baby...except for his eating.  He doesn't quite have it figured it out and I've NEVER been in so much pain!  I seriously black out when he latches on!  I know he'll figure it out in time....but meanwhile, he's starving and frustrated, and I'm in pain and frustrated.  Other than that, he's been a pretty good sleeper so far and he basically just sleeps all day!  We love him.  The The kids are obsessed.  Nixon says. "He's my widdle brudder!"  "He's cute, mom".  And he gets right by his face and says over and over again, "hi, hi!"  in the highest pitched little voice.  The poor twinners were sick when we brought Cal home so they didn't get a whole lot of holding time :(  It will come though.  Things are chaotic, but luckily it's Christmas break and we can take it easy and sleep in a little.  Things will get crazy when school starts!!

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Natalie Smith said...

i love the picture of nixon holding calvin! you have so many great helpers!!!