Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our popular little man...

Everyone loves a new baby!  The girls always want to hold Calvin...which is sometimes scary, but since this is the last baby in this house, I want to make sure they all get lots of time with him.  Nixon has really grown to love him and even holds him for a few seconds at a time.  Camryn has a made a goal to change 100 diapers :)  She's so proud of herself for being so helpful.  Little Calvin has some tummy problems and we've tried every medication that's affordable.  Zegerid worked...but we ran out and it's a fortune at the pharmacia.  We've made due with Mylanta and Pepcid.  Not as good as Zegerid and Prevecid, but it's something.  He cries a lot and has a hard time going back to sleep when he gets up in the night to eat. He usually ends up next to me in bed, nursing back to sleep.  Unfortunately, this has booted Nic down to the basement blow up bed.  Sad.  We've tried to protect Calvin from the winter weather and diseases, but with a large family, that's not entirely possible.  He's had to go to dance class, music class, grocery store....but not church!  Church is the scariest of all!  I love this baby and I could kiss him and stare at him all day long.  Too bad they can't stay tiny for just a little bit longer!

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