Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nic's big Birthday

Nic turned 34 this year!  Craziest part....he's gotten better looking.  Not fair- but I do enjoy looking at him :)  He decided that for his birthday, he wanted all of us to play and enjoy the winter.  We went to Sundance and took the kids skiing.  It's free on the bunny hill rope tow.  Britten came with his girls, Ashley brought Hudson and Matt and Kate brought their girls.  The kids did awesome!  The first run was a little rough, but they got better and better.  Brooklyn would just go down the hill at 50 MPH and take out anyone that was in her way :)  It was awesome.  The weather was fabulous that day so we brought Calvin with us all bundled up in his car seat.  We took turns sitting with him by the lodge.  I got some interesting looks when I was in the bathroom, nursing a newborn while I was sporting ski boots and ski clothes!  The next day, we went to the mall for a little bit, then stopped at Farmington Station to go ice skating.  The kids had a blast and little Nixon did NOT want to stop!  We love Nic more than words could ever describe.  He is the fun one in our family.  The kids are obsessed with him and so am I.  Happy Birthday Nic!

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