Friday, November 29, 2013


PATHETIC!  These are the only 2 pictures I got!  Oh well :)  Thanksgiving was at Mom & Dad's house this year.  The kids were crazy, the kitchen was crazy, the food was delicious.  I was in charge of Jell-o, a pie and sweet potatoes.  I wish I could have eaten more, but seeing as my stomach is totally squished, my small plate of food was enough to make me sick and unable to move until the next day.  After dinner, we all went to the theater and saw, "FROZEN".  The kids loved it.  Mom and Dad came over to our house afterwards for pie :)

In the spirit of THANKSGIVING, I'm reminded of all that I have to be grateful for.  It's easy to look at all the problems we have and get discouraged.  Work, family, house problems, etc.  But when I look at my life overall, I can't figure out what I did to deserve such a beautiful life.  My marriage is so good and I'm so in love with my husband.  My kids are respectful, kind, helpful, talented, happy, smart, beautiful and fun.  We have a great home and 2 good cars.  We're all in good health.  We're about to have another sweet baby in our house.  Our families love us and would do anything for us.  We have the Gospel in our lives.  We live in a free country.  My kids go to a great school.  I could go on and on, but those are the big ones.

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