Monday, August 12, 2013


July was jam packed.  Swimming lessons ran for a solid 2 weeks!  Nixon and I did a parent-tot class but I didn't take any pictures.  The girls are AWESOME swimmers.  I'm so relieved.  Nixon is stubborn.  He didn't want to do anything the teacher asked....until lessons were over and we were outside in the other pool.  He is a bit of a stinker these days!!!  We were also able to go on a couple RAZOR rides up by the B.  We almost got struck by lightning and swamped by rain the 2nd time...but we still managed to roast some hotdogs and have some fun before the storm hit :)  We played in the pool, painted faces, enjoyed a Papa visit, went to a 24th of July parade and did some fireworks at our house with the neighbors, and just found ways to stay busy.  I love July and I'm sad to see it go :(  Summer is coming to a close and it makes me sick!

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