Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Calvin's Blessing

Our baby boy was blessed on Feb. 2nd.  Lyle was still in town from the funeral, so we wanted to make sure he was here for it.  Nic gave such a powerful blessing.  Calvin is so lucky to have the father he's been sent to.  Nic gave him such a wonderful blessing.  I really was touched by what he said.  Among other things, he blessed him to be humble, to have humility.  He blessed him to be selfless, to serve others, and to be kind.  He blessed him to be courageous, that he would need to be courageous to fight the battle, not in a physical war, but in the war against sin and evil.  And just a side note- Calvin was blessed on Super Bowl Sunday (Tammy and Britten are lucky enough to be there!)  So we're thinking this little peanut will be in the NFL someday ;)

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