Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Papa flew to Utah so we could all go on a Moab trip.  It was only a 2 day trip, but we packed a lot in.  There were 3 razors/Rangers that fit Papa, Tanner, Bethany, M&K's fam, A&R's fam and our family.  We went on some fun rides and saw Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  Nic flew his new quadcopter all over the park (found out later that's illegal) and got some sweet footage.  He made a great video.  We stayed in a cool condo where we celebrated Hudson and Papa's birthdays.  There was an awesome meadow where the kids could play on hammocks. The cousins had so much fun together.  Hudson and Nixon were besties and had the most awesome conversations.  Ashley heard them debating over whether or not it was windy enough to fly a kite :)  Points to Remember *Ashley was 9 months pregnant.  *Matt & Kate broke their car.  *Our whole family shared a room with Tanner and his girlfriend  *We did our weird "Ooga Booga" to papa when he fell asleep...we think we're funny.  *I wore Calvin during all the rides.

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