Monday, March 9, 2015


Kendyl carries Pepsi around like a baby.  Her face is covered in scratches and she is unphased.  Although Kendyl is the biggest chicken lover, all the kids have fun carrying these chickens around.  It was a lot easier when they were brand spankin new at the beginning of March.  The kids each picked the chicken they wanted (I helped with that since I had researched the type of Chicks I wanted)  Nixon got a black Australorp he named Gabby.  Brooklyn got a white silkie she names, Pepsi.  Cam got a brown American she name Cachilla.  And Kendyl got a gold Buff Orpington she named Goldie.   We kept them in a container in C & B's shower.  They were stinky and needed their bedding changed at least once a day...but man, they were cute.  We even got to take them to school for pet day and they girls' LOVED showing them off.  They moved out to the AWESOME coop Nic built them once they were fully feathered.  They've grown so much, but that hasn't kept the kids from picking them up and playing with them.  The get a lot of love, and they return the love by pooping on our deck and eating our garden.  Oh well...hopefully they lay some eggs for us!

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