Thursday, July 30, 2015

July This & That

That time all the cousins slept over and we rode bikes to the pond the next day.  It was CRAZY madness, but I hope my kids remember I did this for them! That time Cam made me the most beautiful ego waffle breakfast and was so proud of herself :)  That time we got our first chicken egg!!  We hollowed out the egg and Cam kept the shell since it was from her chicken, Cachilla.  We fried up the egg and they all ate part of it.  So exciting!!  Playing with Boston and Gwen while Bos was going through Chemo.  He was NOT fun to be around.  So mean and hornery.  We were walking on eggshells and he almost had Nixon in tears.  But here's an update a year later.  He's all better and as sweet as pie. He and Nix are now in the same kindergarten class and are great friends still.  And lastly, Cal discovering life!  Trains, books with Kendyl, friends, chickens & horses.  We will never regret moving to such a beautiful place where our kids have endless opportunities to discover and play.

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