Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Nana & Papa Week

We always have so much fun with Nana & Papa! The girls had a blast playing with Papa's iphone and can't wait for him to get one for each of them for their birthday in June!!! ;) Nana layed in bed with the twins each night and told the ongoing adventures of Princess Applejack & Prince Cheerio. We went out to eat a couple times- thanks Ashley for having a birthday while your parents were in town!!! And thanks Nana & Papa for giving us something to look forward to (I'm refering to your visit, not the dinners). Until next time!!! I've also got to add that last night we had the privilege of eating at The Mandarin with Nic's aunts, Sue & Patti. As luck would have it, they were celebrating Chinese New Year, complete with drums and a Chinese Dragon! It was awesome. Kendyl BEGGED to dress up in her Chinese outfit today to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. Her name for the day was Ping :)


aclark said...

I love Camryn's face in the picture with Ryan and I!! Ping sure is Cute too!!

mariandan said...

Such adorable little girls. You are so blessed. I'm so glad that Nic's parents were able to come. I'm sure it's very hard for them to be so far away from your precious family. I love you all!

Mom S.