Sunday, September 9, 2012

St. George & Aladdin

We drove down to St. George last weekend to spend Labor Day with my family. I had to take pictures of the kids on the way down for a couple reasons. 1. Camryn brought her little framed picture of Nixon and set it next to her in the car. She drew pictures the ENTIRE car ride....and they were pretty dang good. 2. Nixon LOVES books and spent a good amount of time looking at them.
We basically spent the majority of our trip in the pool. It was a party every day with 9 kids and 8 adults out there. I wish I would have taken some videos of Nic and my parents going down the slide on their bellies. Kendyl decided she was going to ditch the floaties and just swim like her sisters! We were in shock and probably took 10 videos of her swimming around the pool. We also rocked some sweet George Washington hair (picture of Ella). Nic couldn't even look at me when I did it...yep, I'm that hideous!!
 (youtube video "Kendyl the Fish")

Nic, Britten, Tammy and I took the kids on a hike one day. It was SO hot and I thought the kids were all going to pass out.
We went to Tuacahn's "Aladdin" one night. I rummaged up a babysitter so Nixon, Daniel and Dreya could stay home and sleep, but the BIG kids go to stay up late and enjoy the show! I thought it was cute and the kids loved the part where the magic carpet actually flew around the crowd!
On Sunday, we went to church, got bored, had dinner and went to a fun little park with streams, fountains and cool water features for kids to play in. They had no problem getting DRENCHED in their clothes....until they got cold of course :)
Always a fun time in St. George! The remainder of our time was spent eating junk food, playing games, watching movies, and relaxing while the kids hibernated in the play room!

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Matt & Katie said...

What a fun vacation! I 'm just sad that I don't get to see the George Washington hair. I'm very interested!