Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zumba at Flips

My new Zumba home is FLIPS GYMNASTICS!  It has been SUCH a good move!  My class size has increased.  It isn't 1,000 degrees inside.  The floors are a little bouncy = FUN!  I get to actually KEEP 100% of my earnings instead of a 50/50 split!  (The lady who owns the place told me that if she and her daughters can Zumba for free- that counts as my rent!....she has yet to come)  We don't have to share space with a bunch of loud volleyball players.  The stereo is good. etc. etc.  Let's hope it just keeps getting better from here! 


Natalie Smith said...

so great. i did bootcamp at a gymnastics place...the bouncy floor is fun!
wish i lived closer to come dance with you.

Daisha said...

That's awesome!! Glad you get to keep all your earnings!

Alli said...

When do you teach at Flips? I would love to come!

Emily said...

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