Saturday, October 6, 2012

First week of October

Brooklyn Babe lost her first tooth on Monday!!  She didn't waste a SECOND putting that thing under her pillow.  Lucky for her, the tooth fairy brought her a gold coin dollar.  She couldn't wait to spend it at Target.  She bought a cute pen :)  She's been using it to write in her journal.  Love it.
My poor, always-sick little Kendyl.  When she gets sick, she struggles to catch her breath.  Her albuterol breathing treatment has turned in to a common ritual in her life.  She knows when she needs a treatment and she knows how to strap it on and endure the 20 minute long treatment.  No big deal, right Kendyl!?
Her sisters are so so so good to her.

Nic and I took the babes to the deli at Dick's Market.  They were stoked.  If you've ever seen "What About Bob?", Nixon uses that same excitement and enthusiasm when he eats.  "Num, Num, Yummy!"  We just laugh.  He's hilarious.  They got donut holes when they were was quite the exciting hour :)

If you couldn't tell, he's 'pretty tough.

"Hello?  You don't say!!!!"

I don't know why, but whenever these 2 are hanging out like this, it just makes me smile.  I LOVE having these men in the house.

While I was sanding yet another piece of furniture (dresser for kids), Kendyl decided she wanted to sit in the pool right by me and let her Barbie swim.  It was the LAST warm day.  Kendyl makes me smile :)
3 sweet girls

3 sweet girls and a crazy head boy!....who is also very sweet :)

Movie Night- My girls LIVE for movie night!  Haha, such easy entertainment.  They're all popcorn junkies.  

My sisters!  I was going through an old box the other day and found this gem.  We took this photo 10 years ago when we took a little vacation to Arizona.  We bought twinner shirts and twinner flip flops at Target. I'm ready for another one ladies!!