Saturday, October 27, 2012

St. George trip

UEA/Fall Break 2012.  We decided to head down to St. George in the new van, which saved us about $100 in gas might I add.  We stopped at Scheels on the way to check ou the Ferris Wheel, overpriced clothing, and sweet dude taxedermy exibits.  Very cool store.  The ride down was actually quite enjoyable.

My parents brought great Grandma with them since she has recently moved to Utah since the death of her sweet husband in July.  She's in a really nice assisted living center about 5 minutes up the hill from me.  Anyway, I think she had fun just watching the kids play for a few days.  We usually do the same thing every time we go down.  Hiking, Swimming and lots of playing.  A couple different things we did this time:  Rode the carousel by the splash pad, rode the Razor by Gunlock Reservoir and Nic and I escaped one night and went to the movies.  As always, we had a fabulous time and can't wait to go back.

 We stopped at Ashley & Ryan's on the way home to have dinner with Matt, Kate, Averi, Elle, Hudson and Nana.  We had a delicious dinner and the kids had the most FABULOUT time slip n' sliding on the pool cover! 


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